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i haven't yet watched the whole thing through because my dad is lurking and you know how my parents are but holy holy fuck
you are so beautiful
your skin your hair your eyes your whole face i love it all and i can finally see your shark teeth and i love those too. they look like mine only whiter and nicer!
i need to be you
You don't want to be me. I promise. My emotions are so tangled and stomped and smashed and blurred and bottled. And fucked as they can get.
Maybe you want to look like me. But then also. You are lying to yourself. And the camera is lying to you.
I never noticed how much my bottom teeth showed while talking until I watched this.
Ugh fuck.
i've felt like such shit about my teeth over the past eleven years i've learned how to speak without showing them. you shouldn't. i really think they are beautiful. my lower teeth are the same way, and on top of being crooked they are all different heights. and i don't mind it. i don't mind bottom teeth.
my emotions have been pretty fucked too. i am super emotional. i'm too sensitive. i suck.
i have the most irrational (I BELIEVE IT'S RATIONAL BUT WHATEVER) fear of dying inside a port-a-potty.
Try living in Utah.

Its smells like porta pottys?
You know everyone you see?
Both. I have to date either much much older or much much younger to meet new people because everyone in my age range knows each other.
Ah shit!
You should peace out of there real fast. Or as soon as possible.
They're so many people to meet.
I have the biggest crush on you. You're so stunning.

I know what you mean, too. When I was a kid my only ambition was to move out of my hometown, I hated knowing everyone and everyone knowing my business. I finally moved out when I was 22 and haven't looked back once.

Move to England! :P
I think we both have addicting personalities.
Because I need to know you.

I actually moved out when I was 18. I was only about an hour from home. I lived in 4 different cities within 2 years. Now I am back home. I got myself into debt and look where it landed me.
I am out now. And saving money.
Soon. I will be leaving. Im shooting for april.
Philly is what is in mind. But who knows where I will land.
Why Philly?
It just one of the places in my head. Its the east coast. I have never lived there. It is far away from where I am now.
It could change
I just want anywhere but here
Chattanooga has a great artsy community.

I've lived in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and New Orleans. Now here I am. I like it here a lot.

Come visit sometime. You might decide to stay and you'd already know someone here.

I need to live everywhere.
I have visited most states, but have only lived in california.
Don't get me wrong. I absolutly love this area, but I need to explore.
20, I mean, not 22
aww. i just missed you on that facebook chat deal. dang
Go, you won't regret it
Where do you live?
Right now I live in the D.C. suburbs. I started in West Texas and used to tell people that it was all just geography that your problems follow you around. I was just wrong.
singapore singapore singapore!
you get so much sun you can walk around in undies!
you sweat so much you have no strength to be depressed!
well.. in the day time... haha
I want to live everywhere.