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 not that into it.
i dont like what i look like. ha

on another note. 
i need a leather bomber/moto/biker jacket as soon as possible.
i dont really need it.
but it is something i long for.
i look at them all day. god fuck
one photo is not enough to tell what's up!
leather bomber jackets are sosososo hot.
Def not feeling it. You don't take a girl as gorgeous as you and take blurry shots. I love lightwriting as much as the next person, but not like that. All it needed was a single flash gun pointed at you to completely change this photo. Never been a fan of black and white night shots either.

I can't wait to shoot you one day.
The whole night was a bust.
One day yes. I can't wait.
Ditto this.
i just got this from urban outfitters. i love it but it was too expensive.
Yea I was looking at that. Did you get black or brown?
After last night im not sure if I want one anymore.
I have a problem with wearing things everyone else owns.
And last night there were three leather jackets when I looked up from the table.
i got black. i got a size up as well. lucky for me, no one around me knows anything about style or fashion, so they're all still wearing american eagle and stuff.
American eagle!! Nooooooo
Hollister. Ahhhhh
I used to be obsessed with those stores.
Did you get the size up so you can layer underneath? I really like that jacket
yess that's exactly why i got the size up. i'm usually around a medium so i tried that one on and i could barely move my arms. but i got the large and it was perfect for layering stuff underneath but it wasn't too big so i could stuff wear it with nothing under.

and yeah, they all still love those stores. i mean, if i see a jacket there or something i like i'll get it, but that's about it.