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check it:

will post more pictures. when i upload those shits

I would like to see Christmas party pics, too! Especially the one with me and Liz... I forgot to swoop those. WAH
Ooo I thought you snaked those suckers. Ill put em up on my days off. Love
I didn't get 'em cuz I didn't want to look through all your pictures. I scrolled to the bottom, snagged the most recent, and peaced out of your memory card.
my hair is this length now. maybe a bit shorter. i wish mine was so straight and healthy looking. you look beautiful. GIANT eyes.
Are you able to straighten a perm with a straigtener? Your hair is fabulous and looks mighty healthy to me.
my hair is incredibly healthy, it is, it just doesn't LOOK healthy because with the perm flying all over it looks like frizzies and bleh. yeah, i can straighten it, but that's too straight for me and i don't actually know how to do my hair .. because i've never had to. so i've just been pulling it back after a shower to straighten it out, and then putting mousse in it and pulling it back again and it comes out pretty nice but that's hit and miss. i do try to straighten certain partsof the perm that are giving me trouble but it's my sister's striaghtener and she .. takes it with her. everywhere.