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I went to the doctor for my headaches. He said it probably has to do with my sinuses. My work environment is strictly second-hand smoke for eight hours straight each day.
Fabulous. He gave me some nose spray that leaves the back of my head feel very strange. Like the inside of the the back of my skull throat.
I can't describe the feeling or its exact location. But im not a fan.

I have been watching the kids at eight in the morning since Wednesday. What a way to spend my fucking days off. Its weird seeing toys I used to play with when I were five.

The other night on my way home at three in the a.m. There were about seven cop cars hanging out at this gas station on the corner of the hwy and the fwy. All entry/exits were taped off with caution tape. It used to be a twenty-four hour kind of gas station but now they close the doors at ten pm. I bet there was a robbery. Or something.

I felt an earthquake last night. I love them. Small ones. They rattle my heart and knock me back into reality. I can't keep day dreaming.

I haven't been to the gym in a while. Im slacking.
My acid reflex is still shit. Tums taste like ass. I think I need to be prescribed something and take it before I eat... Anything.

Took myself shopping last night. Two pair of pumps, Lucky Brand wide leg denim, and a vest.

I can't wait to nap.
i need pumps
and i think i know the feeling in the back of the throat/head/neck i've been getting it lately when i feel like i have to sneeze but i don't really sneeze, it's PAINFUL
the only time i felt an earthquake i was in the middle of watching a ghost show and suddenly the picture frames were shaking off the walls i thought it was haunted i was so traumatized
I have another pair coming in the mail. Hahehayayyaya