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This week will be just as shitty as the last.
Sleep at 4 am wake at 8 am. Work at 6pm sleep at 4 am wake at 8 am. Work at 6pm. Sleep at 4 am wake at 8am stay awake on crack for hours. Pass out and wake at 8am. Crack. Sleep. Crack. Die. Death. Zombie. Energy drinks.
No working out. Eating like shit. Non functioning. Eyes stinging. Body hurting.
Ill have to do exercises at home. If I have time. I need extra water and vitamins. I don't want to get sick.
Im in a coma.
I started a new face routine. My skin already feels soft and healthy. But it looks like fuck.
Despite everything negative.
Its a nice day out.
Its super dry though. So im shocking everyone and my hair stands on end. And my scalp and lips are dry. And I just want to be in a pool all day.
I think I still want a facial.
Ill just feel better about myself I think.
Wackckcksajs attack.
And a fucking massage dod gammit.
What new face routine are you doing?

I read in a magazine that pink eyeshadow makes you look less tired and more healthy and awake so I tried it and it works.
I could try that but I don't own pink eye shadow. And I have very light skin and hair. And eyes. Itd look like 13 yr old girl on me.
Face routine is more like new face product brand with a toner, eye cream, serum and face lotion
Yo I got a toner today! It's a fucking good one too, cost like $50 or something from a local Spa. I didn't pay shit though. The cleanser is working I think finally.
I hate when my skin will feel okay but look like crap :(

I just hate my skin in general