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Today was shit.
Complete shit.
I woke up at 8am after sleeping only 4 hours.
I was so exhausted. My body could barely function.
I couldn't control my movements. I was crying and I couldnt stop. My eyes were crying without asking my consent.
It was a super strange feeling.
that happened three times today. And once tonight.
I drank three energy drinks to function semi properly at work. I feel like shit.
And im sure my body will shut off very shortly.
I don't remember driving to work. I walked into 2 walls and one chair.
I felt drunk. Now I feel so horrible.
Shaky and my eyes sting. My stomach is sick and I hate how I feel right now.
I finally get to sleep tomorrow. All day. Probably until 7pm. I don't want to be awake at all tomorrow.
I was asking myself today 'can I become blind from being so exhausted?' because I seriously couldn't see straight.

Despite all of this. I did have a great week at work. Money wise. I don't know how that happened.
Im buying myself something.
i wonder what was happening with your body! you may just be increeeedibly overtired. i hope you sleep lots.
I wish I could fucking sleep. Everytime I try I can't. And everytime I am I get woken up. I am seriously fucking hating life right now. Everything makes me want to cry or stab someone in the jaw.

Awww. I'm sorry hon. *hug* Hang in there!