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To see shrimp in your dream, suggests that you are feeling overpowered and insignificant
i was talking about common dream meanings with a friend two nights ago. we both agreed they are rediculous and most of the time they pick the most obvious solutions. like: you dreamed of cheating on someone, you are probably unhappy in your current relationship. that one is too obvious. but shrimp, maybe that one makes sense or has something behind it, shrimp are hard to translate. but like, they say a dream about your teeth falling out means you're insecure. i've had tons of these dreams. and maybe i am insecure, but maybe i dream my teeth fall out because i don't have real teeth and so i worry about them a lot.
I have a lot of insane dreams.
And a lot of sex dreams
Sometimes insane sex dreams.
if i saw shrimp in my dream it would mean that i was about to puke all over my bedroom.
There were tons of fucking shrimp. The small ones. Mounds of them. They were all contaminated, so special heliocopters and cop cars came and threw many bb guns attached to ropes and they all went off at the same time so the shrimp were being blown to smithers..??
I watched from a hotel balcony.
i just puked all over myself.