shes jammin'
18 November
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" who wants a moustache ride??"

9, amish men on rollerblades, ankle biters, arg matey, arnge carn, axe body spray, bah!, bahahaha, band aids, beanies, benifit buddies, biking vids, binoculars, black, blar, blassin' it, boys, buffoloe shrimp, captain ron, care, chair slidding, chairs, chairs that spin, chattering, cheese enchaladas, chicken strips., ching boing, chippy monkey, chomping legs, clam chower, clothes, coke, cones, cool people, crums, dogs humpin jess, drinking, driving, dude wheres my car, dum-dums suckers, dumbness, eating, eddie!, fat people, forwardness, frosted flakes, fun at the beach, go karts, going fast, good movies, grandé, grilled cheese, hamburgers, happy meal, hats, i hate horses, i hate stupid people, j.v, jackets, jumping on hotel beds, jungle 2 jungle, kicking things, kites, lap dancers, laser tag, laughing, lip peircings, lunch meat, makin people laugh, massages, master baters, me kicking pit bull, mentally disfused, mentos, merl, messing up hotel beds, mexican rice, midgets, mingleing, misconception, mistletoe, movies, muahaha, mullets, muscules, music, mustangs, my hair played with, my t.v., nachos, naping, nice arms, not really the phone, one eyes, ouiga, peahead, pep talks, pictures, pirates, plugs, po-go sticks, poems, pokemon, porta pottys, potatoes, quade, que lastima, rally monkeys, red, red lobster, rings, roller coasterd, running around hotels, scared of the dark, screaming, shoes, shop cart racing, simulators, singing in a broom, sky rockets, slap braclets, sledge hammers, sleeping, slim jims, smatch a fly, snarch, snowboarding, snuggleing when its cold, space, super troopers, swimming, taking walks, tangerine altoids, tangerine speedos, tea bags, tenting, the breakfast club, the game of life, the town intercourse, toad, tony hawk 3, toothbrushes, trix, white cheese shells, white rice, window flying, your mom, your t.v, zastrow